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Solo instrument (selection)

Lux Perpertua Luceat Eis f. organ solo, 2009. Premiered by the composer at St. Johannes Church, Herning, 2 November 2009. 4 ½’.

in the middle of f. violoncello solo, 2009.

7 Intermezzi + 1 Interludium f. organ solo, 2006. Premiered by the composer at St. Johannes Church, Herning, 6 November 2006.

Screaming Void f. Accordion solo, 2005.

Primavere f. Cello solo, 2002. Ded. Gert v. Bülow. Ed. EDITION-S 2004. See the score here.

Elegie - Wiegenlied, f. cello solo, 2000. Dedication: "To the children in Kosova". Prem. Hundige Church, February 2001 by Professor Gert von Bülow. Ed. EDITION-S 2004. See the score here.

Danses de l'Escargot, pour Arpe, 2000. Ed. EDITION-S . 2004.

To Mænd I Hvide Klæder, Duo Viri In Vestibus Albis f. organ solo,1999. Prem. St. Johannes Kirke, Herning, 1. nov. 1999. Mandatory at the International Organ Competition in Odense 2002. Ed. Egtved. c/o Edition Wilhelm Hansen.

Sourires, Smiles, f. tuba solo, 1997. Performed in the Temple Church, Helsinki, at the Nordic Music Festival september 2000.

Blå stele og svævende sejl. f. organ solo, 1996. Prem. 4. 11. 1996 i Herning. Commissioned by Bjarne Hersbo

Maria Interludium, f. oboe solo, 1996. Prem. juni 1996 in Haderslev Cathedral. Commissioned by Folkekirkens Ungdomskor. Ed. DanMus c/o nodehandleren.dk 2005 with Ave Maria f. unison choir.

Three organ pieces 1992. Pastorale - Elegie - Fanfare.

Se, her er mere end Salomon, f. organ, 1988. Prem. 21.8.1988 i Kildebrønde Kirke. Ed. Kirkemusikforlaget 2004.

Meditation til Fasten, Meditation du Carême, f. organ, 1987. Ed. Kirkemusikforlaget 2004

Toccata, Aria e Minuetto, f. oboe solo, 1986. Prem. Helen Jahren i DR 21.11.1993. Ed. EDITION-S See the score here.

Boast, f. tuba solo, 1980 Prem. København 1980 Cd: Hungaroton HCD 31642.

- See the score here. Ed. EDITION-S

I dødens bånd vor frelser lå, Partita f. organ, 1978. Prem. Hundige 1978. Ed. Kirkemusikforlaget 2004.

Magnus, f. organ, 1972. Prem. Skovshoved 27.11.1972. Awarded a prize af Stockholms International Organ Festival 1973. Ed. EDITION-S. See the score here.

Das Emanzipierte Klavier, f. piano, 1972. Prem. København, 28.7.1972.  Ed. Egtved. c/o Edition Wilhelm Hansen..

Cello f. cello solo, 1972. Prem. Roskilde 1973.

Mourn, f. guitar solo ,1969. Prem. Helsinki 1971. Ed. EDITION-S .

4 Haiku, f. fl. solo, 1964. Prem. Oslo 1965

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Chamber music (selection)

Dolori, per 4 sassofoni (S, A, T, Bar), 2000. 12'. Dedicated Copenhagen Saxophone Quartet and torben Enghoff. Prem. Copenhagen 2001. Ed. EDITION-S 2004.

Discourse With Time, fl. in C and G, clar. in  Bb and Bb basso, cello, sax in Eb and Eb basso, trombone, percussion, 1996. Prem. 15.6.1996 at Vestvolden, Brøndby,29' Commision by Brøndby Kommune.

Signal Vestvolden, 4 Trumpets in C, C, Bb and Eb basso, 1995. Prem. 15.3.1996. Commision by Brøndby Kommune.

Krystal.Metamorfose, f. string quartet, 1993. Prem. 3. 10. 1994 i Hørsholm Kirke. Commission by Frederiksborg Amtsmusikudvalg v. Svend Erik Jensen.

Som en rejsende (As a traveller) f. cello and percussion, 1992. Prem. Charlottenborg 1. 3. 1992. Commision by Ny Musik i Birkerød. Ed. EDITION-S . 2004.

Sjælen og sommerfuglen (The soul and the butterfly), f. sopranino recorder and harpsichord, 1988-1990. Prem. 13.10.1990, 11'. Ed. EDITION-S . 2004.

Svømninger, (Swimmings) f. viola and piano, 1985. Prem. Birkerød 1985, 5'. Ed. EDITION-S  manus. Commision by Ny Musik i Birkerød. See the score here.

Zwiegespräch - von Wimpeln und Fanfaren, f. marimba and bass clarinet in Bb, 1983.

Recitativ og Fuga, f. piano and cello, 1983. Prem. Louisiana 1983, 10'. Ed. EDITION-S, manus. Dedicated Jørgen Hald Nielsen and Anders Grøn.

Performances, f. brass quintet (2 tpt, cor, tbn, tub), 1981. Prem. Stockholm 1983 by Filharmonins Brass Ensemble, 9'. Ed. EDITION-S ,manus.

Balances, f. violin and percussion, 1974. Prem. Louisiana 1978, 28'. Ed. Egtved. c/o Edition Wilhelm Hansen

Suite à deux, f. flute and clar. in Bb, 1971. Prem. Lyngby 24. 2. 1973, 15'. Ed. EDITION-S. See the score here.

Intrada, f. 2 tbn, vcl, org, 1971. Prem. Gladsaxe, 30.5.1971, 5'. Commissioned by Buddinge Kirke. Ed. EDITION-S, 3. serie nr. 246.

Sinusrhapsodie, f. 2 vcl, 1968. Prem. Stockholm 1968, 6'.

Strygekvartet nr. 1, Con sentimento, f. stringquartet, 1965. Prem. Helsinki 21. 2. 1967, 6'.


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Orchestra (selection)

Babylon, f. piano and orchestra, 1991, 14'.

Le Alpi nel Cuore, f. symphony orchestra, 1988. Prem. 6. nov. 1991 at Louisiana Museum, 16'. Ed. EDITION-S

Nuup Kangerlua, f. symphony orchestra, 1985. Prem. Danmarks Radio 1990, 27'. Ed. EDITION-S . Concours de Composition Musicale Ballet et Opera Geneve 1985.

Ballade, f. kontrabasstuba and chamber orchestra, 1979. Prem. Danmarks Radio 1982, 16'. Ed. EDITION-S . Dedicated Jørgen Arnsted. Commissioned by the State Art Foundation.

Victoria Gennem Skoven, Victoria Through the Forest, f. contralto and orchestra, 1975. text: Karsten Bjarnholt. Prem. Randers 16.11.1977. Ed. EDITION-S . Commisioned by Randers byorkester

At elske musikken, To Love The Music, f. orchestra, 1975. Prem. 6.5.1976, 32'. Ed. BIS LP og cd. Commissioned by The Danish State Radio for the 50 years anniversary og the Radio Symphony Orchesta.

Albert,  f. contralto, tenor, mixed choir, childrens choir and orchestra, 1970. Prem. Holstebro 1974, 25'. 1. Test: Karsten Bjarnholt. Prize in the composition competition by Holstebro and The Danish State Radio 1970.

Barbare, f. 6 vocal soloists, choir and orchestra, 1967. Text by Arthur Rimbaud. Prem. Danmarks Radio 1972, 7'. Ed. EDITION-S .

På din tærskel, At your doorstep, f. contralto and orchestra, 1966. Text by Ivan Malinovski. Prem. Helsinki, 25.2.1967. Ed. EDITION-S , 3. serie nr. 233.


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Vocal music (selection)

Et recordatus est (Text from the Bible, Luc. 22, 61b-62.) f. soprano solo, treble choir and organ. 4½.

Englens Hånd (Text from Book of Revelations) f. Alto, bass, piano and accordion, 2001. Prem. Susaa festival 2001. Dedicated Ensemble Couleurs. Ed. EDITION-S 2004.

Nunc Est f. mezzosoprano, clarinet and organ, 1989. Prem. 12.6.1990, 18’. Ed. EDITION-S See the score here.

2 Songs by Keats, f. soprano and guitar, 1988. Prem. Helsinki, Nordic Music Days 1991, 8'. Ed. EDITION-S See the score here.

Sic Enim, f. mezzosoprano and organ, 1985. Prem. 1985, 7½'. Ed. EDITION-S.

Du sollst nicht, f. mezzosopran, clarinet and piano, 1984. Urof. Roskilde 1984, 5'.

An die Nachgeborenen II, f. soprano and wind quintet (fl, ob, clar, cor, fag), 1984. Prem. Louisiana 1984, 6'. Ed. mc SAMF SUDM 023.

Enfance II, f. mezzosoprano and bass clarinet, 1983. Prem. Numus 1983, 4'. Ed. EDITION-S See the score here , mc SAMF SUDM 023

Senidyl...,  f. bass, violin and piano, 1983. Prem. København 1983, 4½'. Ed. EDITION-S, manus. See the score here

Dein Schweigen, f. mezzosoprano, clarinet og piano, 1982. Prem. Aarhus 1982 Numus Festival, 6'. Ed. mc SAMF SUDM 023

Det er mig der vælter, 4 salmer, f. soprano, mezzosoprano and organ, 1981. Prem. Hundige Kirke 1981, 11'. Ed. EDITION-S, manus.

An die Nachgeborenen I, f. soprano and wind quintet (fl, ob, clar, cor, fag), 1980- Prem. København 1981, 10'. Ed. mc SAMF SUDM 023. Dedicated to Birgit Bastian and Den Danske Blæserkvintet

Altid noget andet, Always Something Else, f. tenor and viola d'amore, 1973. Prem. Lyngby 26.5.1973, 8'. Ed. Egtved. c/o Edition Wilhelm Hansen. Commissioned by Lyngby Unge Tonekunstnere

4 Songs, f. baritone and piano, 1971. Prem. København 1972, 4'. Ed. Egtved. c/o Edition Wilhelm Hansen

4 Albert Songs, f. contralto solo, 1971. Prem. Lyngby 1972, 5'. Ed. EDITION-S, mc SAMF SUDM 023

Alle Mine Departementer, f. contralto, baritone, gt/elgt, vcl, prc, org/pno/tape, 1971. Prem. Gladsaxe 1971. Commisioned by Søborgmagle Kirke

Enfance IV, f. contralto and piano, 1968. Uropd. København 1969, 5'. Ed. EDITION-S , mc SAMF SUDM 023

Enfance III, f. contralto, horn and harp, 1967. Prem. København 29.10.1967, 7'. Ed. EDITION-S , manus, 1982

Lapidary Landscapes, f. contralto, baritone, ob, c.i., fag, vla, vcl, prc, 1965. Prem. Stockholm, februar 1966, Ung Nordisk Musik, 7'.


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Choral music (selection)

Mit lys, min salighed (2012) f. SMA a cappella. Text: N.F.S.Grundtvig. 2'

Fryderåb (2012) f. SMA a cappella. Text: N.F.S.Grundtvig. 3'

Maria am rosenhag (2012) f. SMA a cappella. Text: Martin Boelitz. 4'

Diptychon (2011) 2 movements: Eloi f. SA + violin, Clamavi f. SMA + violin. Text in ancient Aramaic and Latin. First performed by Kildebronde Girl Choir and violinist Piotr Gasio, directed by the composer. Ed. Schott Music 2015. See information page for more information.


   1. My Love (2009) f. SSAA a. c. Text: Robert Burns. First performed Lyngsaa, March 21, 2010.

   2. Poème d’Amour (2010) f. SSAA a cappella. Text: Alfred Musset.

   3. Zwei Verliebte Seelen (2009) f. SSAA a cappella. Text from Des Knaben Wunderhorn.

Bach's Christmas f. SATB (8 Chorales of J.S.Bach), solo oboe and organ, 2007. Approx. 20'. The choir sing 8 chorales from J.S.Bach: Christmas Oratorio I, II and III. The oboe plays nine short solo movements and a few obbligato parts. 2007. See bachschristmas.htm.

Pelican Choir f. SS+AA+SS+AA a cappella, 2007. 2'-3'. Text: Edward Lear: From "The Pelican Chorus". First performed Seattle 2008.

In The Whale f. SSAA a cappella, 2007. 8'. Three movements. Texts from The Bible: The Book of Jonah.

   I. A Great Whale to swallow up Jonah

   II. Jonah Struggling to get out of the whale

   III. You Have Brought Up My Life

Et recordatus est f. solo soprano, treble voices and organ, 2006. Text: Latin, Luc.22,61b-62.

I will complain, f. SATB a.c. with divisi, 2005, 4'. Bible texts, English.

Barnet, f. SMA choir and SMA small group or solo voices, 2004. A cappella. 3½'Text: H. C. Andersen. Danish.

Angst f. SMA, obo and stringquartet, 2004. Ed. EDITION-S 2004. Tekst: H. C. Andersen. Danish. 10'30"

   See the score: Full score here; version for obo, choir and organ here.

OSANNA! f. SSAA a.c., 2003. Ed. EDITION-S 2004. 2'. Dedicated to the choir director Bente Colding-Jørgensen and the Childrens Choir of the The Royal Academy of Music. See the score here.

Kyrie Agnus Dei, f. SSATTBB a.c., 2002, 6'. Commission from The Danish State Art Foundation. Latin.

Der er forskel - Gud er den samme, (There are differences – God is the same) f. SA + org., 2002. Danish.

Introitus Psalmus 117, f. SATB a c., 2000. 2½'. Latin. Dedicated the Norwegian composer Knut Nystedt.

Jeg er træt og går til ro I am tired and go to rest / Müde bin Ich, geh zur Ruh f. SATB a.c., 1998, 2’. Dedicated Hundigekoret and Martin Granau. Danish, English and German text. Version for SSAA.

4 British Songs, f. Female Youth Choir, 1997, 10'.(SSMMAA with divisi and solos). English.

Requiem Aeternam, f. SA a c., 1997, 2'. Latin. Ed. EDITION-S 2004. 3'. See the score here.

En rose, (A Rose) f. SA a c., 1995, 3'. Danish. German or English text fits. (Es ist ein Ros’ entsprungen)

Morgensang, Kom, nye dag, f. SA a c., 1993, 3'. Ed. Egtved: Cantorinus III. c/o Edition Wilhelm Hansen

Gloria Halleluja, f. 3-part speaking choir a cappella, 1988. Uropf. 19.6.1988 Fredens Kirke, Odense, 5'. Ed. Egtved. c/o Edition Wilhelm Hansen, Copenhagen. Latin.

Hvorfor er du fortvivlet, min sjæl?, ("Why are your in despair, my soul"?) f. SA and organ, 1987. Danish text

Bryd Ud I Hyldestråb, f. 3 or more treble choirs, 1985. Prem. Køge Kirke 1986, 5'.

Og han viste mig en flod med livets vand, (And he showed me a river with the water of Life) f. SMA a.c., 1985. Urpf. Uppsala 1987, 5'.

Kom, hedningers frelsermand f. SA + org. Danish, German (Nun komm der Heiden Heiland) and English text (Savior of the Nations, come).

Af De Tre Venners Lovsang, f. mezzosop., girl choir and orgen, 1984. Prem. Hundige 1984, ca.5'

Tro, Håb, Kærlighed, (Faith, Belief, Love) f. treble choir, fl, ob, clar, fag, 1983. Uropf. Oslo 1986, 4’. Danish.

Drømmen,  (The Dream) f. treble choir, fl, ob, clar, fag, 1983. Uropf. Oslo 1986, 4’. Danish.

Vi Ved, At Vi Tilhører Gud, f. treble choir + org., 1983. Prem. Aalborg 1984, 4'.

Den som tror, treble choir and instr. (3 fl, clar., 2vcl), 1980. Prem. Rønne 1981, 5'.

Du som bar vor skyld, f. treble choir a c., 1979. Prem. Hundige 1979, 4'

Og når de tusinde år er til ende, f. treble choirs a c., 1978, 5'.

Halleluja! Amen!, f. SMA a cappella, 1978. 1½'. Ed. Egtved. c/o Edition Wilhelm Hansen, Copenhagen. Latin.

Halleluja! Pris Herren! (Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!) canon a 3, 1978. Ed.DanMus c/o www.nodehandleren.dk. Danish and English.

Gud er Lys, (God is Light),f. treble choir and mixed choir, 1977, 4. Uropf. Hundige Kirke, 17.12.1978, 5'. Ed. Egtved. c/o Edition Wilhelm Hansen, Copenhagen. Danish text.

Ave Maria, f. unis. choir, 1977. Uropf. Hundige Kirke 27.3.1977, 2'. Latin and Danish. With intermezzo for solo oboe. Ed.DanMus c/o www.nodehandleren.dk See review in Church Music Quarterly March 2009

Lille Te Deum, f. treble choir and organ. 1976, Prem. Hundige Kirke 31.10.1976, 10'. Ed. Egtved. c/o Edition Wilhelm Hansen


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Image, f. instrumental or vocal solo or ensemble, 1992. Prem. 2.11.1992 at Copenhagen. Ed. Danish Composers Union 1992, post card. Graphic work. EDITION-S

CHAOS, f. instrumental ensemble, 1982. Prem. 1982 Copenhagen. Graphic work. See the sheet here.

Museik, f. any instrumentation, 1979. Prem. København 1979. Consists of 10 graphic sheets in color.

Jeg ved det godt. Together with Karsten Bjarnholt. English title: I know. Tape, 1973. Prem. Danmarks Radio 1974, 9'. Commissionde by Danmarks Radio.



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